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Our season of expectation

Following the fantastic work over the summer by the people's army behind Help the Hatters, the players fund made its first £5000.00 contribution of the season to Neil Young prior to the match versus Staylybridge.

Hopefully this will be the first contribution of many as I hope you agree it’s every county supporters aim to provide our manager with as much support whether that be vocal on a matchday or by way of a contribution into The Players Fund, every ounce of support we can muster will help as Neil Young plots our route out of league 6.

For anyone not too familiar with the fund, Stockport County supporters have offered to continue to boost the manager’s playing budget for the this season and beyond through the continuation of the players’ fund, and again to be run and managed by the stalwart County charity - Help the Hatters.

In the return gesture of goodwill, acting on behalf of all shareholders, Sharon Brammall continues to donate shares to the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative. Thus for every £2 pledged to the fund, the Supporters Cooperative will receive a £1 share in Stockport County.  Every pound donated will be go directly into the manager’s budget, which further strengthens the good working relationship between the club and the Cooperative.

Youngs Gold Rush October 1st 2015.

Following the majestic “Blue Monday” from last season when over £3’000.00 was raised on the day, Marionsboard's LeeSCFC has set a date in motion for “Young’s Gold Rush”. 

Please ensure you do all you can to support this in every way possible. There’s a route for donating whichever way you like, via the donate button, via direct bank payments, via a pint in the bungalow or indeed via the collection pods in the ground on matchdays.

Neil himself was certainly taken aback by his comments below when he learned of the fund and the Gold Rush day coming up very soon.

"It's unbelievable that fans are willing to do that (about a boost the budget day), especially given how recently we arrived here.”

“I think (well I hope!) that there's some confidence in the recruitment process, and that the Players Fund will help with that." 
"If the Fund means we can offer someone £20 more a week to bring them here, that's even better. Not about spending it all in one go."

Let's make it a date and season to remember, remember every penny goes into Neil's budget, this little help we can provide may just help him make all the difference. 

In times past HTH have helped so many aspiring players at SCFC and it’s reassuring to know that they will be continuing to manage this players fund from us donating all the way through to ensuring the players receive the help they need via some of the funding we bring into the football club.

John Fitzpatrick, Help the Hatters Chairman commented: 'The Fund is potentially a life saver for County and supplements the similar efforts Help the Hatters continue to make to aid our great but ailing Club. It`s time for supporters to respond and help us climb back to the Football League'

I am simply asking that we all do all we can to ask people we know, business associates, anyone we meet, to pledge to this players fund.

We all want Stockport back as one of 92 Lg Clubs, there is no doubt we have the pedigree and heritage, so let’s do all we can to try and bring our name back into the fold and arena our history in my opinion deserves. 

Donate via Help the Hatters Players Fund

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